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Why I use Quarkus rather than Spring-Boot for my CNA apps

By Pascal Libenzi. This post demonstrates the advantages of compiling and running a Java application using Quarkus. As an introduction about what is Quarkus you can read the previous blog post written by Yann Albou. Photo by Shiro Hatori on Unsplash To get the most out of your application in the Cloud and especially in […]

23 February 2023

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Faster, Lower, Better with Quarkus in k8s

By Yann Albou. This blog post was originally published on Medium Why having a very fast startup, low memory footprint, native compilation with standard frameworks fit perfectly in Docker and Kubernetes improving scalability, resiliency and security. Photo by Guillaume Jaillet on Unsplash  TL;DR; In this blog post, I show you how Quarkus can run a […]

20 February 2023

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