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We support you on a daily basis in your development projects and application and infrastructure migrations to optimize your performance.

We leverage our expertise in DevOps, Cloud Native, and application and infrastructure security to ensure your projects meet all requirements.


We provide services around application migration projects to modernize and transform your applications to a world of containers, cloud or serverless in order to derive the best benefits.


Infrastructure migration, in Infra-as-code mode, to new technologies or to the cloud is also a service that we provide through our team of engineers and architects who have been creating and operating applications in the cloud for over ten years old. We have helped many customers migrate their applications to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and other platforms.


We also help you build a culture of observability and agility, so your teams can focus on creating value.



Scale your applications and infrastructure in all serenity

Application migration in Cloud Native application mode

Infrastructure Migration

Updating and migrating solutions


Why choose SoKube?

At SoKube, we believe that the best way to create continuous value for our customers and collaborators is to offer quality expertise on all DevOps, Agile, Cloud and Cloud Native Application topics. We want to be an innovative and human company that enlightens, supports and helps our community to grow.


DevOps, Cloud,Agile Practice, Cloud Native Application, Kubernetes, …

A human-sized company

Agility, flexibility, anti-fragility, responsiveness, adaptability.

Team spirit

Truly collaborative state of mind based on values of cohesion, between helping and sharing.


Make our customers aware of the next steps to take to improve their performance and adapt to future market trends.

Sustainable Development

Focus on long-term development by favoring long-term investments

Incremental approach

Delivering value to grow our customers and employees, sustainably over time

Conseils Cloud Native

Tips by SoKube: What expertise and skills should you look for to successfully migrate your applications and information systems to the Cloud?


The migration of applications and infrastructures to the Cloud is a complex project for which it is strongly recommended to be accompanied. Here are some points to think about when choosing your service provider.

Cloud computing expertise

Your service provider will need to have in-depth cloud computing expertise on how to deploy and manage applications and information systems in the cloud, including different cloud service providers, cloud architectures, technologies, and tools used in the Cloud, etc…

Mastery of runtime environments

Your services company will have to master the different execution environments in which applications and information systems can be deployed in the Cloud, such as containers (Dockers, Kubernetes), computing clusters, virtual servers, etc. This in order to choose the solution best suited to your needs and constraints.

Know-how in project management

Your partner will need to have solid expertise in project management, to effectively plan and manage the different stages of your migration to the Cloud, such as defining objectives and performance indicators, mobilizing the necessary resources, coordinating the different teams and partners involved, etc.

Security and performance management

Your consulting firm must be able to guarantee the security and quality of service of your applications and your information systems deployed in the Cloud, including in the data and application migration phase from one system to another, without loss. quality or functionality.

Knowledge of the market and the vision

Your service company will need to have an in-depth knowledge of the underlying technologies but also understand the trends and the associated vision in which the market is moving. And this in all areas of expertise: Application, Software Factory, Delivery, Observability, Security, On-premise, Cloud, Hybrid, DevOps, MLOps, FinOps, Agility… in order to guarantee maintainability, evolution, integration, security and adaptability of your systems.


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