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Benefit from the advice of our expert consultants in Cloud Native Application to build or transform your applications and thus take full advantage of the benefits brought by the new container technologies (Dockers, Kubernetes), Serverless and Cloud.


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Take advantage of the many benefits of our expertise in cloud-based applications

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At SoKube we master the concepts and practices of developing cloud-native applications. This includes knowledge of the architectures, technologies and tools used to build and deploy applications in an on-premise or Cloud environment, in containers, in kubernetes or serverless, as well as the ability to work collaboratively with development and operations teams to optimize application performance and scalability.

Our Cloud Native Application experts can work in a variety of contexts, such as enterprises using Cloud Native Applications for their services, Cloud Service Providers offering Cloud Native development solutions, or software vendors offering tools to implement these applications.


Leverage our knowledge of the fundamental architectures and concepts of Cloud Native applications, such as microservices, containers, APIs, etc.


Benefit from our knowledge of technologies and tools commonly used in a Cloud environment, such as Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless, VM, etc


Increase your ability to work collaboratively with development and operations teams to optimize the performance, scalability, and security of your native cloud applications


Boost your Quality of Service (QoS) by mastering quality and security management practices in an on-premise or cloud environment, such as continuous integration, automated testing, error handling, vulnerability detection, and more.


Strengthen your ability to assess application performance and identify opportunities for improvement to accelerate your development and delivery cycles

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Tips by SoKube: How to be efficient in a Cloud Native approach?

Implementing a Cloud Native approach can be a risky project that involves a lot of changes for your company and your product teams. It is important to structure this organizational evolution to improve flexibility, scalability and agility of your applications, improve service availability and reduce operating costs. Here are a few tips, put together by our experts:

Use Cloud services appropriately

To get started and if you are in a Cloud approach, it is important to understand the different Cloud services offered by your Cloud provider and select the ones that best suit your needs.

Automate repetitive tasks

It is important to implement automation tools such as build and deployment pipelines (CI/CD), which will save you time and effort by automating tedious tasks…

Implement Containers

It is fundamental to set up container systems that allow you to deploy applications in a faster and easier way, by packaging the application and its dependencies in an isolated container. For this purpose, tools like Docker, Kubernetes or serverless will be of great help.

Adopt a “microservices” approach

By “splitting” your applications into independent microservices, you will facilitate their deployment and maintenance and improve their flexibility and scalability.

Monitor and measure performance

By using performance monitoring and measurement tools, you can get a real-time view of how your applications are performing and identify potential problems more quickly.

Adopt a culture of collaboration and innovation

Encourage collaboration and innovation within your teams, thus improving your efficiency and your ability to adopt new technologies.