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FinOps is a global approach aimed at improving the management of IT investments by optimizing expenses related to cloud services.


At Sokube, our certified experts will help you find the right compromise between the expenses related to cloud services on the one hand, and the IT performance and innovation sought in business terms, on the other. They will also help you modernize your applications to become cloud-native, thereby lowering the costs of using them.


Through personalized training or support missions, our consultants will establish a corporate culture around the FinOps approach to enable you to save money, generate business value, without penalizing the operational teams in their work. .



FinOps expert and certified


SoKube is certified “FinOps Certified Service Provider” (FCSP) of the FinOps Foundation
As an active member, we are committed to optimizing cloud service spend and follow the recommendations of the FinOps Foundation to implement effective practices to plan, measure, optimize and manage such spend.


We have the knowledge and experience to help you control your cloud spend and improve your IT performance. By choosing Sokube, you benefit from our expertise to optimize your cloud expenses.


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Your FinOps partner

At Sokube, we have solid expertise in FinOps. We can help you on several levels, from the establishment of a FinOps corporate culture, to the creation of a team dedicated to this approach, to the optimization of the costs related to your cloud resources and your applications.

Identification and implementation of good practices

FinOps to effectively manage cloud service costs and risks.

Setting up a process

budgeting and reporting tools to plan, measure, optimize and manage expenses.

Cost optimization

related to cloud services using tools and techniques to identify unnecessary spending and implement strategies to reduce it.

Implementation of controls and audit

to ensure the security and compliance of cloud data and applications.

Setting up a team

FinOps by recruiting, training, and coaching stakeholders to effectively manage cloud service costs and risks.

Drawing up plans

migration and deployment to ease the transition to Cloud Native services while ensuring application performance and security.

If you ask yourself these questions around FinOps:

Se poser des questions

• What is FinOps and how can it help my business optimize its cloud services spend?
• How to set up a FinOps corporate culture?
• How to establish a budgeting and reporting process?
• What are FinOps best practices for optimizing cloud service costs?
• How do I set up security and compliance controls for my data and applications in the cloud?
• How to build a FinOps team?
• How to develop migration plans to facilitate the transition to cloud services?
• What impacts does FinOps have on my Application?
• How to deploy my application to optimize my costs?
• How do you train and support employees to effectively manage the costs and risks associated with cloud services?



Our Sokube experts will help you answer your questions and support you in your projects to best apply the principles of the FinOps approach according to your needs and your maturity.


Discover the benefits of the FinOps approach for your organization

Cost control

Agility improvement

Transparency of expenses

Risk reduction

Improved IT performance

Conseils Cloud Native

Tips by SoKube: What are the points of vigilance in a FinOps approach?


Implementing a FinOps approach can be a complex project and involve many changes for a business. It is important to plan this change well by following certain best practices to ensure that your project is carried out successfully. Here are some things to consider when deploying a FinOps approach:

Aligning spend with company business goals


Verify that spending on cloud services is aligned with company business objectives to ensure spending is justified and useful.

Data Security and Compliance


Ensure cloud data and applications are secure and compliant with applicable regulations and standards.

Balance between cost and IT performance
Find a balance between costs, IT performance and long-term investments to avoid penalizing technical teams. This includes modernizing existing applications to make them cloud native.

Involvement of all company stakeholders


Ensure that all company stakeholders are involved and aware of cost control issues related to cloud services to ensure the establishment of a corporate culture around FinOps.

Monitoring and continuous adaptation


Continuously monitor and adapt the processes and tools put in place to guarantee their effectiveness and adapt to changing needs and contexts.