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Benefit from the advice and support services of our experts in DevOps, CI/CD, Container and Kubernetes architectures to accelerate the delivery of your applications while optimizing the stability, quality and security of your systems.


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Take advantage of the MANY BENEFITS of the support of our DevOps experts

SONATIVE™️ DevOps by SoKube

At SoKube, our experts have solid knowledge and practical experience in implementing DevOps and DevSecOps approaches and methods within organizations and their software development teams. 


By implementing a DevOps approach, DevSecOps, your organization will benefit from many advantages, such as improved flexibility, adaptation to changes and better communication within the teams, for an accelerated deployment of your applications and better risk management.


By enabling development and operations teams to work together seamlessly and continuously, identify and resolve application quality issues faster.

Acceleration of deployments

Deploy new versions of your applications faster and more reliably, thanks to increased automation and better collaboration between your teams.

User satisfaction

By releasing application updates more frequently and with fewer errors, improve end-user satisfaction.

Cost reduction

Realize financial gains by automating tedious and repetitive tasks, reducing deployment time, improving quality and simplifying processes.

Flexibility and Agility

Take advantage of the benefits of a DevOps approach to strengthen your ability to meet customer and market needs in the shortest possible time and thus gain competitiveness.


With DevSecOps, improve the security of your applications and systems by integrating security practices into all aspects of your software development and operations.

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Tips by SoKube: How to adopt a DevSecOps approach within your organization?

Implementing a DevSecOps approach can be a complex project that involves many changes for your company and your product teams. It is important to structure this organizational evolution to improve collaboration between development and production teams while integrating those in charge of application and IT infrastructure security:

Understand the concepts and principles of DevSecOps

To get started, it is crucial to understand the concepts and principles of the DevSecOps approach to know how to apply them to your teams and raise awareness of the impacts on your organization. This can include reading white papers, attending conferences or participating in training courses…

Establish a strategy

It is important to define a DecSecOps strategy that takes into account your organization’s goals, constraints and change issues. This strategy should be clearly communicated to the teams and should guide the decisions made when implementing a DecSecOps approach.

Train your teams

It is fundamental to train your teams on the concepts and practices used in a DevSecOps approach, explaining the principles and showing them how to use them on a daily basis. This will allow your teams to work in an efficient way and adapted to the needs of your organization.

Monitor team results and performance

Setting up key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate your organization’s progress in adopting a DevSecOps approach is also worth considering. This will allow you to detect the strengths and weaknesses of your approach, and to make the necessary adjustments.