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Benefit from our Cloud expertise (Managed Services, Infra-as-Code and FinOps) to build, migrate and optimize your IT infrastructures in the Cloud and gain in elasticity, proximity and cost control.


 Support you in your transformation to a Cloud Native organization

Cloud Engineering & Architecture

Workload optimization

Cloud Migration


Storage and Database

Cloud Gouvernance

Managed Services

Cloud Security


Machine Learning (MLOps)

Get all the benefits of the cloud without worrying about the operational management of your infrastructure

SONATIVE™️ Cloud by SoKube

The Cloud has become a strategic pillar for many organizations because of its benefits in terms of agility, innovation, resiliency and cost management. Designed to work in these environments, Cloud Native technologies will help you take full advantage of the benefits the Cloud offers.

Flexibility, scalability

Strengthen your ability to adapt to market changes and your organization’s priorities.

Scalability, elasticity

Benefit from systems that can easily grow with your workload


Have redundant IT resources that allow you to implement disaster recovery plans in the event of an incident.


Take advantage of advanced technologies and services without having to invest in IT infrastructure

FinOps, Cost control

Automate your financial processes, monitor your expenses in real time, and implement more efficient budgeting and reporting processes.

To become a Cloud Native organization, it is important to put in place the right practices and tools. Here are some steps we can help you with to accelerate your digital transformation

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Cloud strategy


Before you start using Cloud Native technologies, we help you establish a clear Cloud strategy to define your goals, priorities, and key Cloud issues for your business.


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Cloud Service Providers


We help you choose cloud service providers (public, private, hybrid) that offer the features and services you need to manage server provisioning, data storage, application hosting and database management.


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Deployment and management of the Cloud infrastructure


Our certified consultants will assist you in the deployment and management of your Cloud infrastructure, using the tools and technologies best suited to your needs.


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Best development practices


Our experts help you implement good development practices, using Agile approaches and integrating testing and validation from the beginning of the development process.