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Strengthen your performance with an authentic, incremental and sustainable approach.


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As your business evolves, so must your approach to project management.


Benefit from the advice of our certified consultants on Agile approaches (Scrum, Kanban, …) to sustainably optimize the performance of your organization by connecting your strategy and the daily work of your business and IT teams.


Boost efficiency and agility of your teams fostering collaboration, adaptability and continuous improvement

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Benefit from the MANY advantages brought by the coaching of our experts in AGILE methodology


by SoKube

At SoKube, our experts have solid knowledge and practical experience in implementing Agile approaches and methods within organizations and their teams.


By implementing an Agile approach, your organization will benefit from many advantages, such as improved flexibility, adaptation to changes and better communication within the teams, for a better management of the risks and costs of product realization.


Structure your organization into “Product” lines.


Adopt a “Product” portfolio management aligned with a capacity budget management.


Adopt an evolution of the manager’s posture towards an Agile leadership.


Benefit from knowledge of different agile approaches and methods, such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, eXtreme Programming, etc.


Take advantage of mastering the techniques and practices used in agile projects, such as dashboards, user story cards, retrospectives, etc.


Boost your ability to work collaboratively with development and operations teams to implement an agile approach in a way that is effective and responsive to your organization’s needs.


Strengthen your ability to assess the performance of your teams and agile products, and identify opportunities for improvement to accelerate your development and delivery cycles.


Optimize your quality and security management practices in an Agile environment, such as continuous integration, automated testing, technical debt management, etc.

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Tips by SoKube: What are the key points to consider when implementing an Agile approach within my product teams?


Implementing an Agile approach or method can be a complex project that involves many changes for your company and your product teams. It is important to structure this organizational evolution aiming at simplifying the daily work and aligning the production of the teams with the company’s strategy:

Understanding the Agile approach

To get started, it is crucial to understand the concepts and principles of the agile approach to know how to apply them to your teams and be aware of the impacts on your organization. This can include reading white papers, attending conferences or participating in training sessions…

Develop a strategy

It is important to define an Agile strategy that takes into account your organization’s objectives, constraints and the challenges of change. This strategy should be clearly communicated to the teams and should guide the decisions made when implementing an Agile approach.

Train your teams

It is fundamental to train your teams in the concepts and practices used in an agile approach, by explaining the principles and showing them how to use them on a daily basis. This will allow your teams to work in an efficient way and adapted to the needs of your organization.

Implementing practices

Putting in place the practices and processes necessary to implement your Agile strategy is also a consideration. This may include the use of dashboards, the implementation of continuous improvement processes.