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From DevOps to Platform Engineering: efficiency and scalability of your IT

The Platform Engineering explained, what evolutions and what changes compared to DevOps, SaaS approaches. How does this product approach, in self-service mode, improve the efficiency and scalability of your IT? What are the new tools?

30 July 2023

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Voxxed Days Luxembourg

Voxxed Days Luxembourg 2023 – Feedback

By Romain Boulanger. A few words to start… I had the chance this year to be selected for the Voxxed Days which took place in Luxembourg on June 21 and 22, 2023 to present my talk on “Déployer de manière dynamique votre code avec GitLab CI”. It had been a while since I had set […]

28 June 2023

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Kubernetes Community days Zurich 2023 – Feedback

By Lionel Gurret and Fabrice Vergnenègre. Introduction The Kubernetes Community Days took place at Google’s offices in Zurich Europaallee for the first time in Switzerland! Organized by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), these global events bring together experts and adopters from the open source and cloud native community. The first day was dedicated to […]

19 June 2023

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What is Cloud Native Application?

In this blog post, understand Cloud Native Applications, their advantages, and how to migrate from traditional architectures.

14 June 2023

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DevOps Days Zurich 2023 – Feedback

By Lionel Gurret and Fabrice Vergnenègre. Day 1 DevOpsDays Zurich is a much-anticipated annual conference that brings together professionals from the DevOps community to share ideas, learn from one another, and explore the latest trends in technology. As avid attendees of last year’s event, we were thrilled to participate in this year’s conference, which spanned […]

05 May 2023

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Supply Chain Attack, the importance of publishing your SBOM

By Yann Albou. Beyond the Supply Chain Attack, discover the concept of SBOM and improve CI/CD security and better detect vulnerabilities. This article is part of a series on how to protect yourself from a "Supply Chain Attack"? The Supply Chain Attack? Publish your SBOM Regularly update its dependencies! Ensure the immutability of containers Reduce […]

30 April 2023

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How to protect yourself from a “Supply Chain Attack”?

By Yann Albou. What is a Supply Chain Attack, how to best protect yourself and what are the technical solutions for our CI/CD in a DevSecOps approach. In this series of articles we will present the concepts and discuss the aspects close to development, the continuous integration and continuous delivery part, as well as the […]

30 April 2023

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Terragrunt: Simplify the management of your Terraform infrastructures

By Lionel Gurret. Introduction The setup and management of infrastructure for your Cloud computing projects can be a tedious and time-consuming process. An Infrastructure as Code solution such as Terraform allows you to create and manage cloud resources using configuration files. As we will see in this article, Terraform can be particularly complex to manage […]

07 March 2023

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How to deploy an Openshift cluster in AWS

By Lionel Gurret. Context Thanks to the Openshift platform (OCP), thousands of companies allow their developers to build, deploy, and run applications in containers. This platform also offers advanced features such as: User, rights and authentication management A user interface CI / CD tools The integration of a private registry Monitoring and logging This platform […]

27 February 2023

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