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Designed and delivered by seasoned experts in the fields of DevOps, Agile, Cloud Native Application and Cloud, our training courses aim to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your assignments and projects.

Our training courses include a mix of theory and practice, with an emphasis on useful skills that can be applied immediately.

Kubernetes Basics

Developed in-house or provided by third-party vendors, applications are now typically packaged and deployed as containers. The goal of this training is to learn the principles of Kubernetes and CNA for containerized workloads, then configure and deploy single and multi-service applications and eventually run and troubleshoot them on Kubernetes clusters. This course contains many hands-on labs, including deploying a production-grade application.

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Cloud Native Applications

CNA or Cloud Native Applications are applications developed and designed for cloud environments and especially for containers in Kubernetes. To take full advantage of these new platforms, this imposes strict practices which, moreover, go very well with DevOps. In this course, you will learn about the main concerns of developing and deploying CNAs in a Kubernetes environment.

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