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Designed and delivered by seasoned experts in the fields of DevOps, Agile, Cloud Native Application and Cloud, our training courses aim to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your assignments and projects.

Our training courses include a mix of theory and practice, with an emphasis on useful skills that can be applied immediately.

Scrum Team Bootstrap

You have a product to create or a major evolution to make. You have a team ready to take up the challenge. You want to use the Scrum framework to achieve this, but your team doesn’t know it well enough. This training is for you.

SoKube’s Agile coaches drew heavily on Scrum Master and Product Owner courses from Scrum .org to build this team-starting course directly using their product as a class project.

Students come out of this training with a good understanding of the agile mindset, the value of an empirical approach to solving the multiple complex challenges they will face.

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Scrum Product Owner

There are many myths and misconceptions about the role of the Product Owner. However, the responsibilities of the Product Owner go far beyond managing the Product Backlog and writing User Stories. The Product Owner is essential for linking business strategy and product execution to help the Scrum team create valuable products.

In this two-day course, students will develop and consolidate their knowledge of the Scrum framework and Product Owner responsibilities through instruction and team exercises. Students learn techniques they can use to help them overcome the challenges they often encounter on a daily basis. They will do this while learning better ways to work with the organization, stakeholders, customers and their team to bring greater value to the product delivered.

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Scrum Master

In this two-day course, students are encouraged to explore Agile and Scrum principles to better understand what they need to do when applying Scrum to support their teams and organizations. The course, strongly inspired by Scrum.org, was embellished with workshops and stories from the experience of Agile coaches from SoKube. The result is an engaging and enjoyable learning experience where students gain a deep understanding of Scrum theory and principles, the responsibilities of the Scrum Master, and why each element of the Scrum framework is important.

Students leave this course with a good understanding of the agile mindset and how to deal with common myths and barriers to agility. They gain the knowledge and understanding to choose and apply the appropriate practices and techniques that will most benefit their Scrum teams.

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