This course allows you to acquire advanced knowledge of Helm, allowing you to template, package your Kubernetes deployments and manage the lifecycle of your applications in Kubernetes. You will learn the concepts, structures, commands but also more advanced uses such as deployment strategies, use with Kustomize, integration into a CI/CD…





1 day / Max 8 people *


Target Audience


People attending this course are developers, operators, or deployment managers wanting to implement templating and deployment with Helm and understand how it works.


Helm Install

Course outline *



  • Deploy in Kubernetes – classic way
  • What is Helm?
  • CNCF
  • Helm through versions
  • Deploy to Kubernetes with Helm
  • The open-source ecosystem and Helm


Getting started

  • Understand the structure of a Chart – tree structure (Chart.yaml, templates, etc.)
  • Basic commands (helm init, fetch, install, upgrade, template, etc.)
  • Application life cycle (release, update, rollback)
  • Good practices (naming, annotations, labels, etc.)


    Templateling in detail

    • Introduction
    • Loops
    • Conditions
    • ToYaml and indentation functions
    • The _helpers and NOTES.txt file
    • Get file contents with .Files


    Advanced features

    • Deployment best practices
    • Combine values.yaml files
    • Using hooks
    • Plugins
    • Tools: Helmfile, Helm Git, Helm Diff
    • Test your Charts
    • Troubleshooting
    • CI/CD and Helm
    • Store your Chart (Chart Museum, Cloud services, OCI, …)



    • Deployment strategies: Argo CD and Flux CD
    • Managing dependencies between Charts
    • Umbrella Chart and global values
    • Management of Secrets and sensitive information


    To go further

    • Introducing Kustomize
    • Major differences with Helm
    • Making Helm with Kustomize



    This course is made up of numerous labs, demos, quizzes.


    * Standard modalities – Modular according to your configuration and your objectives

    Formations Sokube Public Cible



    Participants in this course have skills and experience working with kubernetes (see our training) , its manifests and application deployment.
    Knowledge of GitOps ArgoCD (see our training) is a plus.




    At SoKube, we are committed to bringing you the

    best possible learning experience!


    We believe it is important to emphasize practicality and individual support during our training courses so that you can learn at your own pace and a way suited to your abilities.


    Our learning methods will also allow you to acquire the skills necessary to implement them successfully during your daily missions and projects.


    We look forward to working with you!

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