FinOps Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

The FinOps model is a cultural change within the company. The different services benefit equally from the data generated by the Cloud to optimize the costs related to operations. This course summarizes the different steps essential to the process of continuous improvement of cost control.



2 days / Max 8 people* (1 day variation possible)


Target Audience


This course is intended for Cloud Engineers, Solution Architect, CTO, CFO, Buyers (Procurement) and everyone involved in Cloud projects.


There is a variation of this course over 1 day which will cover the same agenda but without specifically addressing each of these themes and with fewer labs.

Course Outline*


Presentation of FinOps:

  • Its origin and its definition
  • Its role in cultural change within your company


Theoretical knowledge around FinOps:

  • Description of the different players and how to build your FinOps team
  • How to analyze a Cloud invoice
  • The different principles of FinOps
  • How to improve your level of maturity in the different FinOps models
  • All the FinOps skills to develop in your organization
  • The different life cycles of FinOps (Inform, optimize, operate)
  • The technical and financial terminology you need to know to speak the same language between your teams
  • Through this chapter we will discuss: Cost allocation, data ingestion, showback, chargeback, Forecasting, Commitment Based Discounts & reservation, Preemptible or Spot instances, Shared Cost, Anomalies, Cloud Policy & governance, …


Focus on your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud provider to optimize the business value of your cloud

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) specifics
  • Google Cloud Billing, Dashboard, Budget. Pricing Calculator, Carbon Footprint, …
  • Through practical workshops
  • Through tips and best practices given by our experts


Go further :

  • Third-party cost analysis tools
  • Introduction to Green Ops


This course is made up of several labs, demos and quizzes.
* Standard terms – Modifiable according to your configuration and your objectives

Formations Sokube Public Cible



Basic knowledge of IT and some Cloud knowledge.

Access to your cloud provider with the correct rights to analyze some invoices.



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