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DevSecOps Architect

To complete our team, we are looking for a DevSecOps Architect.
You will be responsible for the architecture and implementation of DevOps and DevSecOps solutions for our customers. You’ll work in an agile environment and have the opportunity to collaborate with teams across the enterprise. We love people who are not afraid of challenges, who are willing to learn new things, and who are willing to give back to the community by growing their customers.


Job description


As a DevSecOps Architect you will be responsible for advising and defining appropriate architectures, proposing the best implementation according to the customer context and maturity level, creating migration paths in line with customer objectives and having a responsible approach to the different teams.

You will work closely with other members of our team to ensure that all projects are aligned with your clients’ objectives, adhere to industry best practices and adhere to high quality standards.



  • Promote and implement DevOps to our customers
  • Support for technological choices
  • Implement or improve the Kubernetes implementation
  • Transform applications into Cloud Native Application mode
  • Implementation CI/CD with various approaches, Push, Pull, GitOps, “progressive delivery “…
  • Automation of platform construction via infra as code
  • Implementation of observability (Monitoring, Logging, Tracing)
  • Security expertise across the entire DevOps chain
  • Training and Audit
  • Various DevSecOps expertise missions

Requirements and skills


  • Perfect knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes
  • Good knowledge of CI and CD tools in a Kubernetes/Docker world
  • Knowledge of GitOps delivery modes
  • Version control: Git, Bitbucket
  • Familiar with Infra-As-Code
  • Experience with tools such as Jenkins, Tekton, ArgoCD, GitLabs, …
  • Good knowledge of security aspects and related products
  • Good knowledge of enterprise application development
  • Good knowledge of artifact repositories (Artifactory, Nexus, Harbor)
  • Understanding and global vision of the DevOps world
  • CKA, CKAD, CKS, Cloud provider certification are strong pluses
  • Ability to work in a team and share knowledge
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Passionate about technology
  • Loves trust-based work
  • Ability to get people from diverse backgrounds to work together
  • Ability to work independently
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to work in a mixed face-to-face and telework
  • Presentation and pedagogical skills
  • Ability to remain an expert, to follow technological developments and to question oneself

What we offer


We offer you a job in a very agile, dynamic and above all friendly environment.


  • A strong team spirit that will allow you to achieve great things, both professionally and personally
  • Professional development opportunities within the company, so you can grow with us
  • A human-sized structure to encourage innovation, where your ideas are welcome and valued
  • A continuous training plan so that you can boost your skills on the latest technologies


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