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Agile Coach

To complete our team of SoKubiens, we are looking for an Agile Coach.
You will be responsible for setting up a secure framework for our clients so that they can experiment with Agile approaches in their context, and support their change of culture to become Agile. You will work in an Agile environment and have the opportunity to collaborate with teams across the company. We like people who are not afraid of a challenge, who are ready to learn new things and who are ready to give back to the community…


Job Description


As an Agile Coach you will be responsible for facilitating the structuring of organizations into teams aligned on a flow (Team Topologies), the creation of communities of practice to support culture change over time, and operational support for new Agile teams and their managers through training, coaching, mentoring and facilitation , and to provide a framework that facilitates the alignment of our clients’ strategy with the daily work of their teams.


You will work closely with other members of our team to ensure that all projects are aligned with your clients’ goals, following industry best practices and adhering to high quality standards. This close collaboration will be even more marked with the DevOps, Cloud and CNA dimensions of SoKube, in particular by combining our different practices, to offer our customers global support in their digital transformation.



  • Promote and implement agility with our customers
  • Help choose Agile Frameworks
  • Guide the roadmap of organizational evolutions towards Agility
  • Set up or improve the implementation of Scrum & Kanban
  • Switching from “Project” approaches to “Product” approaches
  • Implementing progressive change approaches
  • Train and develop key roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master, Agile Leader
  • Facilitate seminars to strengthen collaboration within teams
  • Participate collaboratively in the construction of the Agile SoKube offer


Requirements and skills


  • Perfect knowledge of Scrum, Kanban & Nexus
  • Familiar with Lean principles, Lean Start Up, Team topologies
  • Knowledge of DevOps and Craftmanship practices
  • Individual, collective and organizational support
  • Knowledge of the main Agile workbenches
  • Knowledge of the different types of leadership (Host Leadership in particular)
  • Good knowledge of Roman Pichler’s “Product Approach” practices
  • Good knowledge of Product Portfolio Management
  • Good knowledge of OKRs
  • Understanding and systemic vision of “Product” value chains
  • Experience with tools such as Jira, Confluence
  • Scrum.org certifications are a plus
  • Ability to facilitate, train, coach and mentor
  • Ability to work in a team and share knowledge
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Passionate about agility, product approach and organizational evolution
  • Loves trust-based work
  • Ability to get people from diverse backgrounds to work together
  • Ability to work independently, face-to-face and remotely
  • Ability to communicate to different types of audience
  • Presentation and pedagogical ability
  • Ability to remain an expert, to continuously learn and to question oneself

What we offer


We offer you a job in a very agile, dynamic and above all friendly environment.< /p>

  • A strong team spirit that will allow you to achieve great things, both professionally and personally.
  • Professional development opportunities within the company, so you can grow with us.
  • A human-sized structure to encourage innovation, where your ideas are welcome and valued.
  • A continuous training plan so that you can boost your skills on the latest technologies.


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